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Art directors and art buyers can signup and receive a free copy of the 3x3 Directory

Our 3x3 Illustration Directory is handed out free to art directors, art buyers, ad agencies, etc. It is now available in print and as an ebook. While there are other directories out there none goes to the lengths we do to sort out the better illustrators, present their work in a more pleasing manner, provide distinctive categories which speeds up the process, all assembled in a portable package that’s easy to use, easy to carry and is getting rave-reviews from those who commission illustration. If you’re not on our mailing list, or you need an extra copy please contact us, supplies are limited but we’ll do our best to get one out to you.
3x3 Illustration Directory is handed out free to art directors, art buyers, ad agencies, etc. It is now available in print or PDF and as an ebook.

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About 3x3 Magazine

3x3 is the only magazine devoted entirely to the art of contemporary illustration. Published in the United States and distributed worldwide, we are interested in what’s shaping international illustration.

Our Mission is to preserve, protect and promote illustration in all its forms. First we want to preserve today’s illustration by producing printed forms of communication to enable future generations to get a glance at what illustrators were doing during this time period. In this digital age it is too easy to lose track of an individual’s work, to search through past archives looking for information about an artist or project is time-consuming. With 3x3 the information is on your bookshelf, letting you update your knowledge of a particular artist on the web. The two work hand-in-hand to provide a record of achievement.

Secondly we want to protect the legacy of the top illustrators in the field. Our interest is in helping the best illustrators advance their careers and to that end we offer portfolio reviews, webinars, conferences and affordable books to help the next generation of illustrators learn from the experiences of the current generation.

Lastly, we want to promote in every way possible the importance, viability and uniqueness of using illustration in advertising, publishing, corporate, institutional, books and animation. Our juried shows and subsequent printed magazines and annuals help accomplish this goal. If you love illustration then you will want to receive issues of our award-winning magazine, subscriptions are available in both print and digital formats. You’ll also find us on the newsstands of leading bookstores throughout the US and Canada as well as Europe and Asia.