3x3 Illustration Directory


Have questions about advertising in the Directory? Please read below. If your answer isn't there, please contact us.

What is the difference between the 3x3 Annual and the 3x3 Directory?
The Annual is our yearly competition resulting in a printed and digital Annual available for sale. We do send out a link to our digital edition as well as offer a substantial discount on the printed version. This year with many art directors working from home—maybe for some time—we’re going from our usual print to an eBook format. The benefits: One, we reach them where they live and work. Two, with no printing costs we reduce costs. And three, as an eBook you can show off your gifs or short animations. The Directory is sent free to 7,000 art directors and art buyers in America and select international audience of art directors.
Why consider advertising in a directory?
Research shows that 80% of art directors and 100% of art buyers rely on directories to find new illustrators.
What makes the 3x3 Directory different from other directories?
First, ours is a curated Directory. It is not a pay-for-play situation. Ours is unique in that you have to be invited to be in our Directory. Also, we divide the Directory into specific categories which is helpful for art directors. And ours is designed and edited by an art director. Most importantly, it’s affordable.
If I’m invited what image(s) do I send?
First you need to select a category you wish to use. If you’re interest is in editorial be more specific, is it Lifestyle, Sports, Food & Beverage, Maps, Icons or Lettering, Portraits? That way it makes it easier for art directors to find you for an assignment.
Can I ask for help selecting an image?
Yes, we’ll even help you select the category.
How much does it cost to be in the 3x3 Directory?
Our 3x3 Directory is the most affordable directory available. While most directories cost in the thousands of dollars, ours is in the hundreds. Our eBook format gives you three images for $240, one image per page—three vertical images, or one horizontal spread plus one vertical image. There’s no better way to reach art directors, especially now.
Why is the 3x3 Directory so much more affordable?
Our goal is to get talented illustrators in front of more art directors. We fully realize that an illustrator’s budget for promotion is limited; we want to make it possible for illustrators to advertise their work.
What if I’m waiting for a client to pay me before I can reserve a page?
We’re happy to offer the option of an interest-free 3-month payment plan.
What are the categories?
Conceptual, Portrait, Business, Sports, Whimsical, Children, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle, Figurative, Lettering, Maps and Icons, Nature and Animal.
Are their any restrictions on the image I send?
The image needs to be a vertical or square image for a single page. A horizontal image for a spread.
What are the specs?
Images need to be 9-inches on the longest side (22.86cm), RGB, 300dpi, jpeg for single pages. For spreads, 12.25-inches on the longest side, (31.115cm), RGB, 300dpi, jpeg.
Who receives the 3x3 Directory?
We send the 3x3 Directory to art directors and art buyers in Advertising Agencies, Graphic Design Studios, Magazines, Book Publishers, Children’s Book Publishers, Entertainment Companies and In-House Art Departments.
How do I submit work to be considered for the next 3x3 Directory?
Update us about your work with emails and mailers. Send emails to (email: info@3x3mag.com text: info@3x3mag.com) and mailers to 3x3, 244 Fifth Avenue, Ste F269, New York, NY 10001.